Prospect Mountain

If you stay in one of the kitchy 1960s style “resorts” on the west side of Lake George down in the village, you are walking distance from a lot of neat little shops and restaurants. It’s kitchy, but nothing like Gatlinburg, it has an old-timey vibe to it, and also a Long Island vibe too. In any case, Prospect Mountain looms right behind the town, and you can walk there from your resort if you are so inclined. We were in a rush after a great day on the boat (took a full-day tour of the entire lake on the Mohican, which included a couple cannon blasts and fantastic views of all of sites and homes). I needed exercise, and wanted to see the peak, yet my gang wanted dinner. So I ran from the hotel and up to the top – you can get up there in less than an hour doing this, it took less than 45 mins for me. I got to trailhead along the Northway at 4:42 and was on the summit marker at 5:23. Was signed out of the trail register by 6pm after hanging on top for a bit. This is actually a decently strenuous little hike, not at all like the lovely grades we saw on Brown or down in Tennessee this year. So, while it says “kid friendly” I’d expect some unhappy mucking up this one if you are not prepared.

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