Dial, Nippletop, Colvin, Blake (and Colvin and Fish Hawk Cliffs)

Probably should have written a trip report four years ago when I did this. It was the first hike after a decent hiatus, and decided to see if I could make a grueling day. It was pretty much like this guy said, so I’ll outsource the details to him. I had enough water however, and saw virtually no one on this day, and added the stop to Indian Head, which was as cool as advertised. Can’t wait to go back there. Unlike the fellow from the linked post, I managed to find myself on Blake a second time. One of the joys of finishing some list (and I regret putting myself up to the list, I think, maybe) is that you then can do the hikes you really want to do, and my hike of Pinnacle Ridge then down into the valley and up to the back of Haystack and back out to Elk Lake was one of the most memorable for me. That one required going up and over Blake from the other side of Pinnacle Ridge.

This one did get me to the halfway point of the 46, and after it, it was the first time I actually thought I would finish. I had wanted to do it by 40, but I was a month late (injury and travel are toughies!).

My initial estimate for the hike was 18.6 miles and 6,000 feet of elevation, but given the linked trip report, if he’s right, then I would have to put the vertical on this day close to the 6,500′ range and the mileage a bit over 20 given the out and back to Indian Head.  Either way, it’s certainly doable in a day, and it pretty much has all of the aspects of ADK High Peaks hiking that you can conjure, all in one. I think I’d reemphasize how strenuous I remember the beginning part of this hike to be on the way up to the shoulder of Nippletop.

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